ATU - if i fell

i hope you find somebody who will love you, like i do.


Sophie, a girl of 15 years old.
Yeah, I've been to Jupiter, and I've fallen through the air. I used to live out on the moon, but now I'm back here down on earth in Saint-Etienne since March 30th of 1994. I'm French, I speak Italiano, I love England, so actually l'll take you for who you are if you take me for everything. You're on the livejournal of the biggest fan of the four guys in the wind. But, I like lots of other bands. I'm the future wife of Gaspard Ulliel, but for the moment, Jude Law is in my bed, or Tom Felton, I don't remember very well. Don't be jealous girls.

ps ; i know that i don't speak english very well. but it's just for the fun.

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